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GyroPilot v3

Introducing the next generation!

GyroPilot 3 is the new version of our popular unit - GyroPilot.

GyroPilot Plus

The Perfect Position - Every Time!

GyroPilot Plus is a high-performance, add-on sensor for the GyroPilot v3.


Offers freedom from the Pilot Plug

ChannelPilot offers freedom from the Pilot Plug.

ChannelPilot RTK

RTK Level Position Accuracy

ChannelPilot can now work with NTRIP corrections to provide RTK level accuracy, in a single antenna PPU.

HarbourPilot Mk5

Experience superior navigation

Faster. Lighter. More Accurate.
HarbourPilot Mk5 is the newest generation of Portable Pilot Unit (PPU) and is about to set a new world standard in high-quality precision navigation systems. Our popular and trusted HarbourPilot unit has been through a complete redesign - to be lighter, faster, and more accurate than ever before. 

HarbourPilot Triton

Achieve superior navigation

Achieve superior navigation and docking with the ultimate in positioning, heading and ROT performance available from HarbourPilot Triton.


Offers berthing aid systems

ShuttlePilot offers berthing aid systems for relative positioning in tandem mooring, side-by-side mooring or ship to buoy mooring.

GyroPilot STS

For Ship-to-Ship & Lightering operations

Introducing a unique Portable Pilot Unit under the GyroPilot brand.


The Ultimate PPU training tool

Simulators are an inevitable training ground before going to sea. Increasing adoption of PPU’s in the pilot fraternity calls for enhanced training in PPU technology at the simulator.


Experience total situational awareness

Experience total situational awareness for safe navigation of vessels with the reliable performance of Navicom Portable Pilot Units (PPU).

Portable Pilot Unit Training

Specialised training to marine pilots

Navicom Dynamics is a well-recognised leader in the provision of sophisticated and accurate navigation tools for river and harbour pilots as well as the Offshore Oil in

Port Management

Advanced Applications

Full and accurate information is vital for marine pilots manoeuvring increasingly larger ships in often narrow and busy waterways.


World leading portable pilot technology

At Navicom Dynamics we combine our world leading portable pilot technology with the leading pilot Electronic Charting Systems. Qastor and SEAiq Pilot software has been tried, tested and proven by p

Other Products

New Zealand distributor for all Hemisphere GNSS precision products

GNSS Antennas and Sensors

Navicom Dynamics is the sole New Zealand distributor for all Hemisphere GNSS precision products.  

GyroPilot AIS

ChannelPilot offers freedom from the Pilot Plug

GyroPilot AIS has been designed to provide re-transmitted ships GPS information and AIS output from the ship's pilot plug. Wireless transmission of this data via Class 1 Bluetooth

Support Contracts from Navicon Dynamics

A fully comprehensive 5 year Support Package



A fully comprehensive 5-year Support Package is also available and can be priced on application. The 5-year Support Package includes: