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ShuttlePilot offers berthing aid systems for relative positioning in tandem mooring, side-by-side mooring or ship to buoy mooring.

Emergency warning and emergency shutdown features include riser monitor alarms, jack-knife warnings and an emergency shutdown system.

All systems can be fully customised to meet your needs.


Sychronised, accurate, real-time, reliable information to make critical decisions.

Exceptional in poor visibility conditions.

Early warning of excessive closing speeds and/or yawing of FPSO during approach.

Optional display on tug can be used to monitor rig alignment.

Remote emergency shutdown.

Riser monitoring.

Remote hawser tension display.


Early indication of developing trends during approach, improving the odds of success on first attempt.

Position, heading and movement information allows for efficient reconnection after detachment due to bad weather - reducing risk of risers blocking due to cooling (and cost to unblock risers).

Early indication of misalignment developing during offtake operations allows the attendant tug to take early and effective action - minimising power requirements.

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Improves Safety

  • Provides reliable & accurate data to support critical decision making.
  • Early warnings can be set for excessive closing speeds and/or yawning of FPSO during approach.
  • Optional display on tug can be used to monitor rig alignment.
  • Exceptional in poor visibility conditions.

Efficient & Reliable 

  • Completely independent of either vessels’ systems.
  • Same high quality data on-board every vessel.
  • Provides total situational awareness of the relative position of both (or more) vessels.
  • Early indications of developing trends during approach, improves odds of success on first attempt.

Improves Operational Performance    

  • Improved situational awareness when combined with available tools.
  • Recordings are invaluable for pilot training & risk management.
  • Can incorporate additional data (from shore based systems) in the software and make available alongside other data from the sensors.
  • Hot swappable batteries ensure continued performance for longer offtake operations.


  • Easy to set-up.
  • Built and packaged for portability and tough conditions.
  • Fully customisable as per unique requirements of the customer & their operations.

Performance Specifications

  • Position: 0.25m (SBAS/DGPS), 0.08m (Atlas) 0.01m (RTK)
  • Rate Of Turn (ROT): ± 0.5°/min
  • Heading: ± 0.02°
  • Velocity (SOG): ± 0.04m/sec (0.1kn)
  • Pitch/roll: <1°
  • Heave: 5cm
  • Data Output: GPGGA, GPHDT, GPROT, AIVDM, GPVTG & battery status

* Detailed specs are available for each component of the system.     
Please request datasheets for ShuttlePilot Fixed, Portable, Remote and Display    

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