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Navicom Dynamics is excited to announce that Azimuth Learning Academy is coming to you very shortly!

Azimuth Learning Academy is a training platform designed to upskill and support marine pilots with using their Portable Pilot Unit (PPU) systems, wherever and whenever it suits them best.

It incorporates existing training Navicom currently provides to PPU users across the globe, with the addition of a new digital eLearning course designed to kickstart a marine pilot's knowledge base about PPUs. Azimuth Learning Academy courses follow the recommendations set by the International Maritime Pilots' Association (IMPA) and provides marine pilots with an opportunity for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for their piloting career.

Azimuth's Vision

To be recognised as "The Global Standard in Portable Pilot Unit (PPU) training."

Azimuth's Mission

To deliver accessible world-class training in the use of Portable Pilot Units (PPUs) across the globe for marine pilots to become safer and effective. 

So start getting on board, and find out more about how Azimuth Learning Academy can help develop your piloting needs by pre-registering your interest here.

If you have any questions about Azimuth Learning Academy, visit our FAQ page or contact our sales team at and a member of our friendly sales team will answer your query.

Alternatively, click on any of the course pages below to find out more information about each course. 

Intermediate Course (coming soon)

Specialised professional development training for marine pilots

The Intermediate course is the next step for existing and prospective Portable Pilot Unit (PPU) users as it builds from the skills gained in the Foundation course. 

Advanced Course (coming soon)

Specialised professional development training for marine pilots

The Advanced course will provide Portable Pilot Unit (PPU) users with hands-on practical training.

Customised Product & Software Training

Specialised training for marine pilots

Choose between product, or software training that best suits your piloting needs. 

Product Training