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21 August 2023

Navicom Dynamics is proud to present Azimuth Learning Academy, a training platform designed to upskill marine pilots with using their Porta

18 April 2023

Navicom Dynamics is proud to announce our CanalPilot fixed PPU system is in the final stages of testing with the Panama Canal Authority (A

14 November 2022

Navicom Dynamics is excited to announce the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for our ShuttlePilot system has been approved for the Barossa project, an

01 September 2022

We’ve got a free mid-life service to give away to one of our lucky customers

27 July 2022

Is the security of navigation at risk? A look into GPS spoofing in the maritime industry. 


29 June 2022

Our CEO, John Tamis, and  R&D and Engineering Lead, Kevin Blackmore, discuss the HarbourPilot Mk5, the latest Portable Pilot Unit that

21 June 2022

The HarbourPilot Mk5 is the newest generation of Portable Pilot Unit (PPU), and is about to set a new world standard in high-quality precis

09 December 2021

Training on Portable Pilot Units