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All vessels with a beam of 109 feet or more transiting the Canal de Panamá are required to have a fixed (non-portable) piloting unit with Real Time Kinematics (RTK) for submeter accuracy.

The compliance of the piloting unit has become part of the vessel´s arrival inspection. Non-compliance may result in delay of transit and/or additional costs, as well as possible fines that can go up to $65.000.

Our CanalPilot fixed (non-portable) pilot unit has been rigorously evaluated and approved by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) for Neopanamax vessels. Our solution ensures seamless compliance with the new regulations, safeguarding your transit schedule and minimizing potential penalties. You can contact us at to know more about this regulation and how we can help you to meet the requirements. You can also check our CanalPilot unit here.

We look forward to supporting your vessel's safe and efficient passage through the Panama Canal.

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