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Support Contracts from Navicom Dynamics

Price On Application



A fully comprehensive 5-year Support Package is also available and can be priced on application. The 5-year Support Package includes:

  • Maintenance of all sensor hardware and software, plus all display hardware, software, and ENCs (where supplied by Navicom Dynamics)
  • Assistance by remote Internet connection (where possible) for:
    • Wireless communication issues between devices (where applicable)
    • Diagnosis of any issues with sensor data
    • Firmware upgrade and/or configuration of sensor hardware
    • Software updates, if available from software supplier, for navigation software (where Navicom has supplied and configured the software under this contract). 
    • Assistance with PC software configuration (where Navicom has supplied and configured the PC and software under this contract)
    • Batteries (including replacements where necessary, through defect or through being out of life)
    • Replacement cables for portable equipment (where required) Does not include main RF cable runs on permanently sited equipment.
    • All Qastor Support and Maintenance subscriptions to enable access to all QPS/Qastor support web portal, bug fixes, and new versions (if supplied under this contract).
    • All Annual ENC license renewals (where ENCs have been supplied by Navicom Dynamics under this contract)

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