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GyroPilot AIS

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GyroPilot AIS has been designed to provide re-transmitted ships GPS information and AIS output from the ship's pilot plug. Wireless transmission of this data via Class 1 Bluetooth or Wi-Fi allows display on the chosen laptop or device.

This unit is very lightweight, rugged, and is very easy to set up and operate.


Receiver:  Pilot plug data-WiFi converter with on-off switch, battery status, communications link status and AIS status LEDs. Li-Ion rechargeable battery. All in a lightweight plastic case that fits easily in the palm of the hand. 

Pilot plug connector:  Plugs into the ship’s pilot plug and will automatically adjust to any incorrect wiring of the pilot plug, so reliable AIS data is received.

Charger:  Comes with own charger. The USB charging cable can also be used to charge this unit while in operation, via a suitable laptop USB port.

Storage pouch: A convenient waterproof pouch to store your GyroPilot AIS is included.

Start-up: It only takes a few seconds to install. Simply plug into pilot plug and switch on.  Only a few minutes to provision of re-transmitted ships information and AIS. Data passed over WiFi or BT connection (depending on model) or USB cable to laptop.

Software:  Works with most good quality navigation software and works well with most ECDIS/ECS software.

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Performance Features & Usability    

  • Quick Start up: AIS available immediately.
  • Auto detect: Auto detects and corrects Pilot Plug pin configuration and data rate.
  • Leave-behind Alarm: Alarm activates 30 sec after GyroPilot is no longer connected to the laptop/tablet.
  • Software: Compatible with all leading piloting and navigation software (with NMEA format messages)
  • Multi-Connect ability: Compatible with both Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices.  Can connect with 3 Wi-Fi or 7 Bluetooth devices at the same time.

Technical Specifications

  • Position source: Primary - AIS
  • Data output: All AIS messages, battery status
  • Wireless: Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (Class1).Back-up operation by USB cable
  • Testing: AIS test message built-in 
  • Battery Life: Up to 24 hours
  • Set-up time: 1-2 mins

Environmental Specifications    

  • Operating temperature: -20°Cto +74°C (-4°Fto +165°F)
  • Storage temperature: -40°Cto +74°C (-40°F to +165°F)
  • Humidity: 95%(non-condensing) 
  • IP rating: IP 65
  • (RoHS): GyroPilot meets the directive for Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)

      *achieves accuracies down to    

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