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Simulators are an inevitable training ground before going to sea. Increasing adoption of PPU’s in the pilot fraternity calls for enhanced training in PPU technology at the simulator. Portable Pilot Unit training should ideally include not just operation and usage but also error management and risk mitigation. This ensures complete readiness to handle any situation in the challenging work environment.

Navicom Dynamics’ mission has always been to improve safety and efficiency in the operating environment. It was obvious! We develop world-class PPUs. So it made complete sense for us to develop PPU training aids.

We proudly present the first version of the - SimPilot

SimPilot V1 is based on the GyroPilot. It plugs into the Pilot Plug at the simulator to transmit the information coming from the simulator to the laptop running the Electronic Charting Software (ECS). It transmits both AIS and NMEA data for training and education purposes.

SimPilot V1 transmits stable position data along with the ROT and HDG data coming from the simulator. In case ROT/HDG is not available, it will generate ROT & HDG from the AIVDO information from the simulator.It interfaces with the simulator with either a USB or Pilot Plug.

SimPilot V1 can be used for basic level training modules in use of PPU’s – device set-up, interfacing with the display, use of software etc.

To further enhance the PPU training modules, we are working on the development of the SimPilot V2 version.

For expert levels of PPU training, error detection and management should ideally be included in the module. The SimPilot V2 is more sophisticated and will allow the trainer to introduce real-time and real world faults in to the system. Instructors can introduce errors into the AIS or NMEA data stream. It enables them to turn on or off individual messages. Errors in ROT, Position and Heading can be introduced with instructions on how to mitigate and manage these.

SimPilot V2 will also allow for comparison of the quality of data generated from different sources and Navicom devices.

Continuous training further enhances piloting skills as well as handling of high-pressure situations.

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Performance Features & Usability    

  • Quick Start up: AIS available immediately.
  • Auto detect: Auto detects and corrects Pilot Plug pin configuration and data rate.
  • Leave-behind Alarm: Alarm activates 30 sec after GyroPilot is no longer connected to the laptop/tablet.
  • Software: Compatible with all leading piloting and navigation software (with NMEA format messages)
  • Multi-Connect ability: Compatible with both Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices.  Can connect with 3 Wi-Fi or 7 Bluetooth devices at the same time.

Physical Specifications  

  • Dimensions:     120 x 75 x 40mm [4.7" x 2.9"x 1.6"].
  • Weight:     300g [0.66 lbs].
  • Battery:     Li-Ion rechargeable.
  • Indicators:   Battery status, Communication link status, GNSS status,AIS status .
  • AIS Cable:    1.5m Combined AIS & charging cable(other lengths available on request).

Technical Specifications     

  • Rate of Turn (ROT):     Generated from Simulator, if unavailable generated from AIVDO message to 0.1 /min.
  • Heading (HDG):     Generated from Simulator, if unavailable generated from AIVDO message.
  • Data output:    Transmits both NMEA and AIS Data.
  • Wireless:     Comes with multipoint WIFI and Bluetooth, enables instructor to see what student is seeing.
  • Backup Data:     Backup data stream is available through USB.
  • Battery Life:    up to 24 hours, charge time 6 hours.
  • Set-up time:   under 2 minutes.

*achieves accuracies down to    

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