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Performance and Specifications:


Weight: <3kg (excluding display)

Dimensions:  235 x 135 x 110mm (slave antenna)
                      125 x 90mm (master antenna)


Position Accuracy: GNSS < 2.5m, SBAS < 0.6m, DGPS < 0.5m,                                                                          Atlas Basic < 0.5m,  RTK  < 0.08m

HDG Accuracy: < 0.06° at 1.5m antenna separation || HDG Precision: 0.001°

ROT < 0.3°/min || ROT Precision: 0.1°/min

AIS Rx range: 3 nm (typical)

Wireless: WiFi or Bluetooth (Class 1)



The position accuracy of the HPL can be augmented further with RTK corrections via NTRIP. 


HarbourPilot Lightweight can worko with NTRIP corrections to provide RTK level accuracy and integrate to the Electronic Charting System (ECS).

The NTRIP client is run on the users' LTE compatible display (laptop/tablet) and the obtained RTK corrections are used by the PPU to provide a position accuracy down to 2.5cm.

With the introduction of NTRIP, the reliable and stable performance of the PPU is improved further and it can provide excellent support for applications such as docking and berthing.

Users will require their ECS to have an NTRIP client (ECS such as Qastor & SEAiq are recommended) and a subscription to a local NTRIP server/ CORS network. The display laptop/tablet should have cellular connection capability (LTE). 

Watch HarbourPilot in Action

Harbourpilot In Use Phyllis N Arrival

The Phyllis N arriving at Ponta da Maderia, Sao Luis using HarbourPilot Lightweight. Click here to watch the video

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Hp Port Santos

Port of Santos, Brazil

Confined spaces, periods of bad weather, fog and low visibility hamper the entry and exit of vessels at the Port of Santos. Read more

"This is one more way to ensure greater security, so that we can make a manoeuvre in adverse conditions and in confined spaces, such as we have in the Port of Santos."

Bruno Tavares, Pilot