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  • Sychronised, accurate, real-time, reliable information to make critical decisions
  • Exceptional in poor visibility conditions
  • Early warning of excessive closing speeds and/or yawing of FPSO during approach
  • Optional display on tug can be used to monitor rig alignment
  • Remote emergency shutdown
  • Riser monitoring
  • Remote hawser tension display


  • Early indication of developing trends during approach, improving the odds of success on first attempt
  • Position, heading and movement information allows for efficient reconnection after detachment due to bad weather - reducing risk of risers blocking due to cooling (and cost to unblock risers)
  • Early indication of misalignment developing during offtake operations allows the attendant tug to take early and effective action - minimising power requirements.


ShuttlePilot Components:

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ShuttlePilot Fixed (SPF)

ShuttlePilot Fixed (SPF) is installed on the permanently-sited vessel. Optionally combines with ShuttlePilot Portable (SPP), the ShuttlePilot Remote (SPR) and ShuttlePilot Display (SPD) to complete a full ShuttlePilot system (e.g. for tandem mooring operations).

ShuttlePilot Portable (SPP)

ShuttlePilot Portable (SPP) is installed on the vessel being manoeuvred. It combines with the ShuttlePilot Remote (SPR) and ShuttlePilot Display (SPD) to complete the installation for that vessel.

ShuttlePilot Display (SPD)

The ShuttlePilot Display (SPD) combines with the ShuttlePilot Remote (SPR) and ShuttlePilot Portable (SPP) to complete the installation for the vessel being manoeuvred. Display information is received by the SPR via UHF from both the SPP and SPF. This is then sent to the display laptop via Class 1 Bluetooth.

ShuttlePilot Remote (SPR)

ShuttlePilot Remote (SPR) combines with a ShuttlePilot Display laptop (SPD) to complete the installation for any vessel needing a remote display of an operation.
Ship To Bouy Mooring

ShuttlePilot Buoy (SPB)

ShuttlePilot Buoy (SPB) is installed on a Single Point Mooring (or similar). Optionally combines with other equipment (e.g. SPP) to complete a ShuttlePilot system for buoy approaches. The SPB calculates accurate position for the buoy and transmits this data to the SPR, or other equipment on board the approaching vessel.
Additional options

Additional Options

ShuttlePilot can come with these additional options on request: Riser monitoring for integrity of SPM mooring, Remote emergency shutdown (ESD) for critical processes and Remote hawser tension display on remote PC.

Watch ShuttlePilot in Action

Side By Side 2

Side-by-side berthing using ShuttlePilot in Subic Bay, Philippines

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Enfield FPSO Operations, Australia
Woodside Energy Ltd operates a number of FPSOs on the North West Shelf of Australia, including the FPSO Nganhurra. Read more

ShuttlePilot allows for immediate and continuous synopsis of the whole situation by the pilot without communication, keeping the radio channel clear for other transmissions. Once moored, the unit provides early warning of fishtailing, or jack-knifing without having to continuously look-out the window

Peter Wright, Woodside Energy Limited