Products Overview - Our Portable Pilot Units
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Tandem Mooring


ShuttlePilot offers berthing aid systems for relative positioning in tandem mooring, side-by-side mooring or ship to buoy mooring. Emergency warning and emergency shutdown features include riser monitor alarms, jack-knife warnings and an emergency shutdown system. All systems can be fully customised to meet your needs.

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Channel Pilot In Use


ChannelPilot offers a truly superb alternative to other high-end PPU's, offering a combination of independent mGNSS positioning and highly accurate rate-of-turn with semi-independent heading data.

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Circle Software


At Navicom Dynamics we combine our world leading portable pilot technology with the leading pilot ECS.

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Circle Port Management

Port Management:
Advanced Applications

Full and accurate information is vital for marine pilots maneuvering increasingly larger ships in often narrow and busy waterways. Information sharing between all parties involved in port operations is also vital. Navicom Dynamics are able to provide advanced applications to enable all parties to share common data to greatly improve safety and efficiency.

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Harbour Pilot In Use - Cook Strait


Experience superior navigation with the highly accurate heading and positioning performance available from HarbourPilot. As a high precision Portable Pilot Unit, HarbourPilot provides marine pilots with reliable Information, independent from ship's data, greatly improving port safety and efficiency.

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Gyro Pilot


GyroPilot wirelessly transmits AIS data, smooths heading and adds ROT. When AIS fails, GyroPilot can supply position and COG for emergency use.

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Other Products

A range of toughpads, laptops and antennas are available which complement all solutions.

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