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Performance and Specifications:


Position Receiver: L1/L2 mGNSS - GPS/ GLONASS/ GALILEO/ BEIDOU

Position Accuracy: GNSS <1.2m, SBAS < 0.3m, DGPS < 0.3m, RTK < 0.02m, Atlas                                             correction services < 0.04m                            

HDG Accuracy: < 0.2° || HDG Precision: 0.1°

ROT < 0.1°/min || ROT Precision 0.1°/min

AIS Rx range: 10 Nm (typical)

Wireless: WiFi or Bluetooth (Class 1)


I consider the Navicom PPU units to be an extremely valuable aid in achieving consistent positioning.

Josh Osborne, Bluff Pilots

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