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Training on Portable Pilot Units


As a provider of world-class quality products, we created this piece to stress the Importance of Training in the use of Portable Pilot Units.

Due to the PPU being a sum of 4 parts, namely, the sensor (or hardware), the display (laptop/tablet), the Electronic Charting Software (ECS) and Electronic Navigation Charts (ENC), it is important to understand the integration and role of each part. This also helps the user to identify which component to troubleshoot or look at when things are "not working" as they should. 

In addition to understanding the configuration of the system, PPU training also advises on how to set-up the system to perform optimally and seamlessly. As well as illustrating the steps to follow during pre-boarding, onboard and post-pilotage. This ensures no unforeseen errors creep up during your pilotage and readiness, in case they do. 

Navicom Dynamics provides professional training consisting of classroom and practical components ensuring that our customers are well-informed about the use, maintenance and management of our sensors with the corresponding PPU elements and are enjoying their performance, accuracy and reliability. 

Our training packages are custom-made. We have fresh training (brand new units and first-time customers) or refresher training (at regular time periods or on the specific request of an existing customer) packages on offer.

Training is usually done in small groups for pilots (no more than 8 ideally). “Classroom” sessions are typically 4-5 hours and then reinforced with practical training where we set the equipment up and demonstrate it. (The practical sessions can be on a pilot launch or tug provided it has a Class A AIS transponder, especially needed to set-up and initialise the PPU.)

Some of the topics our training covers are: 
- Best practices - in the set-up, usage, and storage of PPUs
- Intro to PPUs - what info they provide, the sources of data including correction methods, derivation of data points and differences between various PPU types
- Setting up the PPU - Vessel set-up, transit set-up, route planning, etc.
- Menus & Options - displays, panels, night-mode, etc.
- Docking mode - vectors, velocities, fender lines, etc.
- Maintaining the PPU - chart updates, ECS updates, etc.
- Assessment - Each module is followed by a series of mini-tests to ensure that the audience is keeping up with the training.

As part of the training kit, we provide handouts of the training modules, notepads, product manuals, quick start guides and other relevant documentation. Each person completing the training is provided a Navicom certificate of completion.
Since our products have compatibility with various software, we can facilitate training for any of the Navicom sensors in combination with any ECS of your choice (e.g. Qastor, SEAiq, Wärtsilä Pilot PRO).

As a manufacturer of PPU sensors, we recommend our customers to take advantage of the training services we provide. As providing an excellent customer experience is always on top of our mind, we are happy to custom design training packages to your unique requirements.

To inquire about training that is right for you, please write to us here

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