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This time around, we'd like to extend a cheery welcome to our new customers - the Port Authority of Jamaica (or PortJam for short). We will be taking a trip to the warmer part of the world to the Carribean soon!

The Port Authority of Jamaica is responsible for the Jamaican pilots' services as well. It is the principal maritime agency responsible for the regulation and development of Jamaica’s port and shipping industry. The Port Authority is responsible for the safety of all vessels navigating the ports of entry and regulation of the tariffs charged on goods passing through the public wharves.

We have just supplied the pilots there with fully configured PPU systems consisting of ChannelPilot MK3's and HarbourPilot Lightweight sensors with iPads running SEAiq Pilot software. We will also be visiting them later next month to provide certified training on the use of these Portable Pilot Units. We keenly look forward to that!

We would like to thank the team at PAJ and the superintendent of maritime pilots, Captain. Hortense Ross-Innerarity, who is a notable personality in not just the Jamaican Maritime industry but also on the world maritime stage. 

Read more about her here.

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