Whether you’re a marine pilot looking for an independent portable pilot unit, or you’re in the offshore industry looking for a fully customised berthing aid system - Navicom Dynamics have the solution for you.


Navicom Dynamics’ products are producing excellent results in trying conditions in many ports and oilfields around the globe. See what our clients are saying.


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"The ChannelPilot is really really really really good. It is 10 steps, no - 12 steps, no – 20 steps ahead of just using a pilot plug."

Capt. Bob Bell - Ports of Auckland

"I consider the Navicom PPU units to be
an extremely valuable aid in achieving consistent positioning."

Josh Osborne, Bluff Pilots

"ShuttlePilot allows for immediate and continuous synopsis of the whole situation by the pilot without communication, keeping the radio channel clear for other transmissions. Once moored, the unit provides early warning of fishtailing, or jack-knifing without having to continuously look out the window. "

Peter Wright, Woodside Energy Limited

Navicom PPUs have been tried and trusted by maritime pilots for over a decade