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Features & Usability:

Quick start up: AIS available immediately and ROT after calibration (30 sec)

Auto detect: Auto detects and corrects pilot plug pin configuration and data rate errors

Wireless :WiFi or Bluetooth (Class 1). Back-up operation by USB cable

Accurate : On-board pitch and roll sensing to improve Heading accuracy

Alarm: Activates 30 sec after GyroPilot is no longer connected to the laptop/tablet

Backup GPS: Should AIS fail, GP provides position and COG for emergency use.

Software: Compatible with most leading piloting software (with NMEA format messages)

Ability to link more devices: wirelessly link external sensors/devices for increased independence and performance of the system. 

Performance and Specifications:

ROT accuracy: ≤0.5º/min 

Heading: Ships heading, smoothed to 0.1º

Data transfer:  Over either a Wi-Fi OR BT (Class1) connection.                                                                    Alternatively a USB cable can be used as backup.

Data output:  All AIS messages, GPHDT, GPROT, battery status

Backup GPS: 33-channel GPS/GLONASS receiver with SBAS, ultra-high sensitivity, GPGGA,                      GPVTG, GPGSV

Firmware: User upgradable

Testing: AIS test message built in

Components:  Receiver, combined pilot plug and charging cable, user guide, 100% waterproof pouch and anti slip mat.

Weight:  300g

Dimension:  120 x 75 x 40mm.  

Battery life: up to 30 hrs. Li-Ion rechargeable.

Certification: Fagerhult Ce Marking