Performance and Specifications:

ROT accuracy: <0.5º/min 

Heading:  Ships heading, smoothed to 0.1deg

Data output: All AIS messages GPHDT, GPROT, battery status

Backup GPS: 33-channel GPS/GLONASS receiver with SBAS, ultra-high sensitivity, GPGGA, GPVTG, GPGSV

Firmware: User upgradable

Weight:  300g

Ingress Protection: IP 65

Dimension:  120 x 75 x 40mm.  

Wireless:  WiFi or Bluetooth (Class 1). Back-up operation by USB cable

Battery life: up to 30 hrs. Li-Ion rechargeable.

Alarm: activates 30 seconds after GyroPilot is no longer connected to laptop/tablet.




GyroPilot v2 Demonstration Video

Gp From Nguyen Hai Anh

Watch the GyroPilotv2 video to learn more about GyroPilot and its special features.

“I am in love with GyroPilot... This is my first time using a PPU in combination with SEAiq Pilot VPP running on iOS iPad. It does a good job of helping me maintain better situational awareness. Our pilotage district is quite open sea and it is adequate to our needs.”

Nguyen Hai Anh, Harbour Pilot
Pilotco VIII Vietnam