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Precision GNSS Positioning

Navicom Dynamics team of dedicated experts is able to provide solutions for bespoke precision GNSS positioning projects - both at sea and on land. Our experts have excellent knowledge in navigation, electronics and avionics engineering, customised ENC development, and have provided technological solutions to leading businesses throughout the world.

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Vessel Monitoring System

Another bespoke and specialist solution in our list of Special Applications, the Vessel Monitoring System can be used by Fisheries management for tracking, monitoring, control and surveillance of their vessels. Along with the ability to send proprietary data back to  shore which can support business decisions and planning, this system is the latest addition to our list of specialist GPS technology solutions.

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Channel Pilot In Use

Port Management:
Advanced Applications

Channel conditions, weather, sea-state, vessel traffic and port logisitics is just some of the information marine pilots and port operations need to consider and share when large ships are being maneuvred in often narrow and busy waterways.

Navicom Dynamics can provide port operations with advanced applications which allows common data to be centrally gathered and distributed - increasing safety and efficiency.

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