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Presenting a specialised GyroPilot which is developed for assisting Ship-to-Ship or Lightering operations. 

This hybrid device interfaces with the Pilot Plug of the approaching tanker and is capable of polling the AIS of the main tanker. The GyroPilot STS reports the HDG, ROT, COG, SOG & AIS position of both the vessels i.e. the approaching tanker (where it is plugged into the AIS) and the main tanker. 

It neatly displays this information, both visually and numerically on an iPad loaded with SEAiq.

Once SEAiq is placed into docking mode, it is able to display approach vectors and closing distances from forwards and aft shoulders of the approaching tankers. Thus giving the pilot situational awareness of of both vessels and other AIS targets in the vicinity, allowing for a more accurate, efficient and safer operation to take place.

To inquire about the GyroPilot STS, write to us here. 

GyroPilot STS

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