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Posted on 14 August 2018

It is a cost effective and efficient solution that allows corporate fisheries management and regional fisheries authorities to track the location and monitor the activities of fishing vessels real-time and allows bidirectional communication exchange through personal and SOS messages.

Below is an extract from the whitepaper:

"The proposed system consists of equipment that collects, stores, processes and uploads positional and operational data of the offshore marine vessels to an onshore datacentre and can be shared with the parties that are interested based on specific rules. This can be vital for fishing vessels, whose location and catch information is of interest to parties on shore; for example, vessel fleet managers, the fish trading marketplace, and governing authorities whilst at the same time allowing the boat operator to send and receive other proprietary information, such as catch information and quota exchange. In addition, VMS system will also offer many more advantages, such as being lower in cost than using multiple systems, providing transparency and the ability to be expanded to include future requirements."

To read the entire paper, please click here to go to the product page. Click the "Read our Whitepaper" icon (representative icon image below) and the download should commence automatically.

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