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Posted on 24 April 2017

Our R&D team have added yet another innovative solution to our Special Applications list comprising of all the bespoke and specialist GPS technology solutions we provide. Called the Vessel Monitoring System (VMS), it currently has applications in the fishing industry that can be extended to any industry with fundamental needs in asset tracking, monitoring and control.

It is a cost effective and efficient solution that allows corporate fisheries management and regional fisheries authorities to track the location and monitor the activities of fishing vessels real-time and allows bidirectional communication exchange through personal and SOS messages.

Along with sending accurate position data, it has the ability to link with other interfaces like sensors, cameras, winches and more to collate and output various useful data to bolster the efficiency of fisheries management processes.

The system can automatically send the position of the fishing vessel as well as user defined camera images and trawl information to designated government bodies and regulatory environmental authorities to comply with governing requirements.

This asset tracking tool is a compact hardware unit that can be installed on any vessel and connects to shore via both cellular and (optionally) satellite connections. It automatically switches between the two (when appropriate options are chosen) and when out of cellular range, the system will cache less urgent messages but still send urgent information via satellite.

Using WiFi on board the vessel it can connect to a laptop/tablet and appropriate software which allows the skipper to send back proprietary data such as catch type and other selected information back to base. With this useful information the fishing company can both track their assets in real-time and make business critical decisions regarding sales and distribution, long before the vessel is due back to port. 

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