News»View all»Unique Portable Pilot Unit - Navicom Dynamics' Triteia (powered by Trimble technology)
Posted on 30 April 2018

Creating unique solutions with integrative technology and collaborative efforts is a passion at Navicom Dynamics. One we can say makes us excitedly come to work every day even! 

We are so proud to announce that we have been working on developing a Portable Pilot Unit solution in collaboration with Trimble technology. It is called the GyroPilot Triteia. 

Our recently launched GyroPilotv3 which plugs into the Pilot Plug to transmit the ships AIS position while adding ROT and smoothes the ships' Heading, pairs up with the Trimble GNSS smart antennae to create the Triteia. 

The GyroPilot Triteia is a system that provides independent position and heading from the Trimble antennae while independent ROT is added by the gyro from the GyroPilotv3. Through multi constellation tracking and seamless integration with the GyroPilotv3 the data is relayed via Wi-Fi (or Bluetooth) to a suitable display equipped with navigation software.

With the Trimble antennae, users can get access to a wide range of Trimble's subscription based correction services which help enhance position accuracy with premier options providing accuracy better than 4cm for the most delicate and critical manoeuvres.

The Trimble antennae with GyroPilotv3 provide an entirely cable free operation that is conveniently set-up and ready to use in minutes. Stable and independent ROT with quick response to vessel dynamics with independent position and heading will provide pilots with the accurate and stable data they need for even the most challenging or confined manoeuvres.

This system has a compact and lightweight build yet is weatherproof and robust in its ruggedised enclosure. The built-in magnets allow the antennae to firmly hold onto the ships' rails.

We welcome early inquiries about the GyroPilot Triteia system which should be ready to launch in Q2 of 2018.