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Posted on 25 April 2017

Navicom Dynamics congratulates Transas on the outstanding success of their recent Global Conference held in Malta. We attended the THESIS 2017 (Transas Harmonised Ecosystem of Integrated Solutions) from 6th -8th March and this experience only further strengthened our agreement with their vision of using technology as a platform to integrate and support operations and bring about an increase in efficiency and safety of maritime operations.
The visionary opening by Frank Coles, which emulated the Apple launch events led by Steve Jobs, was a truly remarkable and impressive one. His speech was extremely thought-provoking and was followed by educative presentations by visiting speakers, in particular from the air industry; much was to be learned and discussed. The buzz at the breaks was palpable. A complimenting mention also goes out to the teams behind the marketing and operations of the event. It was on a par with the grand vision of Transas.
This was also complemented by the opportunity to strengthen our existing relationships with Transas and create many new ones too. Transas partners with Navicom Dynamics as an official representative of our products and solutions on a global level. Navicom Dynamics is very happy to have had the opportunity to participate in the event.
The fundamental take-away here is the indisputable advent of the technological era in the maritime industry. The empowerment that application of technology can bring to the worker and the work environment is undeniably powerful. This has been proved over and over again through the booming growth of sectors that have been fast to adopt the enabling command gained by the use of cutting-edge technology. It can bring people together, it can bring information together and it can be a truly familiar and reliable companion that can be trusted to assist and augment efficiency and safety in the work place.
We are glad to be partnered with Transas as our agents across the globe. Providing cutting-edge solutions to enhance safety and efficiency will always be our vision and one that aligns with our partners' as well.