The new & improved ShuttlePilot Portable Pilot Unit system
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Posted on 7 August 2017

With innovation at the forefront, we constantly strive to better our products by improving performance and adding new features. The ShuttlePilot system, designed to support the requirements of the offshore oil & gas industry, now has a new and improved version.

The system consists of the ShuttlePilot Fixed which is permanently installed on the FPSO/ FSRU/FSO (permanently sited-vessel but is dynamic). The other constituents of the system i.e. the ShuttlePilot Portable and the ShuttlePilot Remote along with the laptop running the ECS (ShuttlePilot Display) are with the pilot (user) on the vessel being manoeuvred (often a tanker). These components make up the entire Portable Pilot Unit system.

From the ShuttlePilot Fixed unit, the user receives accurate position, heading and rate-of-turn information of the FPSO/FSRU/FSO (permanently-sited vessel), which is transmitted (via UHF radio link) to the ShuttlePilot Remote and viewed on the laptop (ShuttlePilot Display) giving the pilot (user) complete awareness of the dynamics of the permanently-sited vessel (FPSO/ FSRU/ FSO) while he is on-board the vessel being manoeuvred.

With the ShuttlePilot Portable sending information about position, heading and rate-of-turn of the Pilot’s vessel  (often a Tanker) to the ShuttlePilot Remote and theShuttlePilot Display (laptop), the user now has a complete picture of the dynamics of both vessels and can confidently attempt manoeuvres like tandem mooring, side-by-side mooring and single point mooring.

To further support robustness and increase safety of operations, we provide various options with the ShuttlePilot system like Riser monitoring alarmsJack-knife warningsand an Emergency Shut Down. The newest feature we have introduced is the added advantage to control “Pumping” from the ShuttlePilot Remote. With this button, the user can now easily control the starting and stopping of pumping operations. This added option further adds to the integrity of the operations and ability to control critical processes remotely. The new ShuttlePilot system can also now get RTK corrections via satellite, giving a more robust solution anywhere in the world.

All this combined with the option to completely customise this berthing aid, makes it the appropriate Portable Pilot Unit technology for the offshore oil and gas industry

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