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Posted on 2 May 2017

The beautiful city of Rio Grande, which literally stands for "Large River" is one of the richest cities of Brazil and is the second busiest port in Brazil. The port boasts of advantages like a draught of 13 metres giving it excellent depth for bulk and container terminals. It has 3 access channels and pilotage is mandatory.

We have had a long standing relationship with the Rio Grande Pilots since 2008 where we equipped them with the older version of the HarbourPilot Lightweight (MK3). We received another enquiry from Pedro Luppi, their GM in late 2015.  We worked with them to get an understanding of their needs and proposed our recommendations to them. In December 2015, we received an order from the Rio Grande pilots for 20 ChannelPilots. This was shipped to them and they were fully equipped with Navicom's Portable Pilot Units in February 2016. 

The 20 ChannelPilots supplied to them have served them well through 2016 with standard support provided to a few units. In December 2016, through our Brazilian agent, DefenSea Consultaria, the Rio Grande pilots reached out to us with another requirement. Sergio Jordão, owner of DefenSea had done an excellent job of maintaining relationships and offering timely support services to the Rio Grande pilots. This led to another order of 6ChannelPilots at the end of 2016. These were procured to equip the 6 new pilots who had joined the operations. Every pilot at Rio Grande, now has his own ChannelPilot PPU. 

Along with the order of 6 ChannelPilots (to add to the earlier 20 units), the Rio Grande pilots also placed an order for 2 new HarbourPilot Lightweight MK4s. All of these have been dispatched to them recently. We are glad we could provide them with our equipment again along with the promise of accurate and reliable data in a top-notch quality system built at our workshop in New Zealand.  The ChannelPilots are used by the pilots in their every day operations and the HarbourPilot Lightweight portable pilot units are being used to manoeuver FPSOs that are being built or repaired in a shipyard inside the port. 

We extend a hearty thank you to Sergio Jordão for his excellent work through DefenSea and also a big thank you to the Rio Grande pilots for being amazing and loyal customers. We deeply appreciate being selected as the brand of choice when it comes to Portable Pilot Units for the Rio Grande pilots.