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Posted on 26 January 2017

The team at Navicom proudly present to you another one of our achievements of 2016, from our workshop in Auckland, the Q4Pilot app for Android devices.

Q4Pilot is a navigational data display system for mobile devices operating on the Android platform, to link with Qastor software. Q4Pilot integrates the Qastor desktop application to your Android device by converting the output from Qastor into a Bluetooth signal and sending it directly to your Android phone. This allows Android phone users the option to obtain the data from the Qastor instrument panel on their mobile phone. Thus making the Portable Pilot Unit experience more interesting and convenient.

Like Qastor, Q4Pilot  has two operational modes, 'Navigation Mode' and 'Approach Mode' (available with the Qastor Docking version). Each of the modes display vital vessel information as gained from the Portable Pilot Unit sensors. 

The link between the Q4Pilot  Android app and the PC running Qastor is a Bluetooth connection which uses less battery than Wi-Fi , hence ensuring your Android phone will last longer. 

Also, the Q4Pilot app seamlessly reconnects to the laptop running Qastor after a disconnection, for example, as a result of the user moving out from the Bluetooth range and moving back in.
If you use an Android phone we can share the setup files, documentation and user guide with you entirely free of charge. We are always keen to hear feedback from you on our products. If you are an existing customer please access the setup files and documentation by clicking here