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Posted on 24 March 2015

In the same way that pilots provide high quality independent advice, so too should their personal equipment be independent of ship data. After all, if everyone bases their judgements on the same data, then safety and efficiency are compromised if it’s wrong.

High quality data
In order to accurately represent a scale image of a vessel on a computer screen, so that the image is a true reflection of reality, the most critical piece of data to be calculated is the heading of the vessel. Even if the GPS antenna on the vessel shows in the correct location (more or less accurately) on the screen, without heading the ship’s orientation will be random. Navicom developed a unique portable GPS compass system that also included a rate of turn (ROT) gyro, tuned to give excellent stability at zero/low ROT as well as high sensitivity to rapidly detect the start of a turn. When combined with accurate DGPS position data this allowed for the position and movement of all parts of the ship to be shown accurately using suitable software.

The resulting product – at the time the smallest and lightest ‘full-function’ PPU in the world – was named ‘HarbourPilot’™. Read More.