News»View all»Port of Geraldton uses HarbourPilot Portable Pilot Unit to welcome the MV Rising Sun
Posted on 28 June 2018

Recently, the Port of Geraldton received the MV Rising Sun – the largest ever bulk carrier ship to berth at Geraldton port.

It was a well-planned operation which required the skills of marine pilots, hydrodynamic experts and tug masters to ensure the docking was successful.

The MV Rising Sun is from Japan and weighs over 90,000 tonnes. It is 235m long and 43m wide. Accepting this class of vessel at Geraldton was a first and further trials are to take place before the new class of vessel is accepted as a standard vessel to visit Geraldton Port.

An article by David Sexton on Daily Cargo News provides more detail about the planning and implementation of this operation.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC News) was invited on board the vessel to witness its berthing. A video was created to capture the event and to hear from a few of the key team members of the successful operation.

Navicom Dynamics are proud to state that our HarbourPilot Lightweight was on board the Rising Sun, supporting its arrival into Geraldton port. Accurate information and reliable performance from the HarbourPilot system has been commended by the pilots at Geraldton who rely heavily upon Navicom gear for their everyday operations.

Berthing this bulk carrier at Geraldton was no mean feat for the team on-board and HarbourPilot PPU was the perfect precision navigation system to rely on for this noteworthy achievement. In the video uploaded by ABC news, the HarbourPilot system can be seen being used on the Rising Sun (seen at 2min 15sec in the video)

HarbourPilot Lightweight is a superior Portable Pilot Unit which is fully independent of the ships systems. It supports all critical manoeuvres including docking and berthing of vessels. HarbourPilot provides highly accurate heading data calculated by using two antennae. Combined with precise position information (with options to enhance accuracy to < 2cm) and accurate rate of turn data (from its independent gyro), the HarbourPilot is the ultimate Portable Pilot Unit to aid navigation. More information on the HarbourPilot can be found here /products/harbourpilot

The Port of Geraldton was named as the Mid West Port Authority in 2014. Its major exports are Iron Ore, Grain and Minerals such as Zinc, Nickel and Copper. They currently have 5 HarbourPilot systems from Navicom Dynamics and have been our valued customers since 2010.  With the ships getting larger and port infrastructure and sizes being unable to expand themselves further to accommodate them, our systems are now a critical part of many port operations world-wide to overcome this challenge. Utilising a high accuracy PPU provides the ability to navigate these ships in confined waters with constrained margins.

At Navicom Dynamics, we are proud to see our systems facilitating safety & improvement of precision navigation, professional piloting and critical ship-handling operations for ports, pilot groups and the offshore oil & gas industry.

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