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Posted on 1 October 2018

These industrial strength backpacks protect the equipment from harsh maritime conditions while allowing Pilots to easily transport Navicom gear while on job. They are water-repellent and highly rugged

The main pocket fits a custom-made foam insert which holds the PPU sensors and a padded compartment for the laptop/tablet. Additional pockets are provided for storage of chargers and other essentials. 

The Pilot Pack is ergonomically designed to facilitate ease of carriage during transfers. Padded shoulder straps help carry the bag easily on the shoulders while the 50mm waist belt helps distribute the load to your hips (not just the shoulders). The chest strap helps with the distribution of load while providing stable and secure strapping onto the back ensuring that it will not move around even while conducting the most difficult transfers. 
For pilot transfers where the bag is separately transferred by hauling up side of ship or dropping down from a helicopter, the Winch Loop is provided and is rated to a 35kg load which can stand up to 18kN of force. 

1024 X 600 Components

These bags have some other incredible features including high-visibility, water-impervious zippers and are padded using high-quality closed-cell foam only.

1024 X 600 Features

These bags are exclusively designed for Navicom by the Summit Gear team from Australia who are experts and leaders in their industry and are exclusively available for purchase through Navicom. Ask us about these for your PPU.