News»View all»Navicom Portable Pilot Units now with Multi-connect ability
Posted on 3 July 2018

Building new features into our products is deep-rooted in Navicom's company culture of innovation. We have now introduced a high-demand feature in our Portable Pilot Units. 

Users will now have the ability to connect both Bluetooth & Wi-Fi devices to Navicom PPU's. This co-existence also allows multiple devices to connect to the PPU at the same time.

With Multi-connect, a maximum of 7 Bluetooth devices and 2 Wi-Fi devices can now connect to the PPU sensor. Customer demand from around the world led to this introduction which has several advantages for users. Increased situational awareness for additional members of the crew and improved training and/or demonstration are a few. 

This feature will be available in all Navicom Dynamics PPU's going forward. It is currently inbuilt into the HarbourPilot Lightweight and the GyroPilot PPU's and is currently an optional add-on for ChannelPilot. This is also available as an optional upgrade for some of the previous versions of the products. To find out more about this, please reach out to us.