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Posted on 16 March 2017

Auckland, New Zealand – 27th Feb 2017 – Navicom Dynamics, global leaders in precision portable navigation and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Portable Pilot Units, recently partnered with Marix K.K. who are one of Japan’s largest marine technology suppliers. Marix K.K. are based in Tokyo, Japan and are distributors of ECDIS, marine simulator systems and a wide range of products and services for mariners and shipping companies.

As per the agreement, Marix K.K. will now have responsibility as authorised agents to provide sales services for PPU’s and related products provided by Navicom, to all customers in the Japanese territory.  Navicom Dynamics’ products are currently used across 30 countries by marine pilots, harbour masters and mooring masters and the FPSO industry. Their PPUs greatly support the precise navigation needed in the conduct of confined and delicate berthing manoeuvres, channel pilotage, plus offshore tandem moorings and SPM berthings.

“Our vision is to provide cutting edge and reliable sensor technology that increases safety and efficiency in pilotage tasks. The Japanese waters are challenging with rapidly changing conditions in weather, tidal currents, narrow channels and growing maritime activities leading to increased traffic. Marix’s expertise and network in the country would help us to represent ourselves and by working closely together we are eager to provide solutions that facilitate navigation for the piloting, ports and offshore industries in Japan.” said John Tamis, Chairman of Navicom Dynamics.

“We are grateful for this opportunity to create a new partnership with Navicom Dymamics who provide a variety of products that improve safety and assist navigation. We, at Marix K.K. focus on ensuring a safe pilotage in the Japanese coastal waters and harbours using efficient PPU. Our market will continue to grow and we are confident in providing clients with a better solution cooperated by Navicom Dynamics team and its great technologies.” said Keiji Sato, President of Marix K.K.

About Navicom Dynamics

Commencing in 2003 with a vision to empower our customers with quality data and knowledge, Navicom Dynamics is now at the forefront of the precision positioning and orientation technologies and monitoring systems market. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, we passionately develop world class solutions and products and proudly back them up with an outstanding customer experience. Navicom Dynamics’ products include fully and semi-independent Portable Pilot Units built for differing needs, conditions and users. Each of these sophisticated and compact PPU’s offer the guarantee of exceptional accuracy and reliability for complex, congested and challenging manoeuvres. We are also specialists at developing customised and bespoke solutions for any precision GNSS positioning requirements.

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About Marix K.K

Based in Tokyo, Japan, Marix K.K. is a distributor of Transas ECDIS, its software and other navigational equipment and services for mariners. Marix also specialises in Marine simulator systems, on-board monitoring systems and its maintenance services.  Marix are also involved in mooring systems and weight bags for sale and lease. Major clients are shipping companies, ship-builders, maritime colleges, and related ministries.

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