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Posted on 5 July 2016

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Navicom Dynamics specialises in precision position and orientation monitoring systems for maritime pilots. Navicom’s product line includes: HarbourPilot Triton - a full-function portable pilot unit fully independent of ship’s systems which offers exceptional accuracy in complex manoeuvres; ChannelPilot - a portable pilot unit which offers independent positioning, ROT, heading and AIS reception for channel navigation and some restricted manoeuvers; and GyroPilot - an AIS-based portable pilot unit which adds ROT and smoothed HDG to pilot plug data, with GPS fall-back. 

Transas Pilot PRO is iPad-based PPU software. It features a number of functions such as Docking Mode, Ship Manoeuvring Predictor, Fender Lines and Auto Distances, meeting points along a route for AIS Targets, multi-sensor connection, Meteorological data, Tides and Currents, monthly updated iTX-97 vector charts, and many more. Combined with the portable pilot units from the Navicom, Transas Pilot PRO will provide pilots around the world with the tools for safe and efficient pilotage and other on-board operations.

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with Transas, who we feel complement our business operations very well. Our partnership with Transas will play an important role in increasing safety and efficiency for ports globally, and we look forward to working closely together,” said John Tamis, Chairman of Navicom Dynamics.

Frank Coles, Chief Executive of Transas, said: “The combination of Pilot PRO software and Navicom’s hardware creates the optimal package for pilots worldwide. Transas has always been committed to safety and delivering comprehensive solutions. I believe that we now have the right partner to complete the product offering.”

About Transas

Transas’ vision is to lead the way in creating an ecosystem of harmonised integrated solutions in safety, navigation and ship operations.  In creating these solutions Transas unites global maritime stakeholders in the future of e-Navigation and operations.

True to its vision, Transas has introduced THESIS, the Transas Harmonised Eco System of Integrated Solutions. THESIS is a flexible data resource where Ship, Fleet Operations, Academy (simulation & training) and Ship Traffic Control can all be connected to the ecosystem, effectively a community working together on a cloud based shared data platform to enable smarter operations, safety and navigation. United into a single environment, navigation, simulation, vessel traffic, and fleet management systems become a decision support tool using the data provided by Transas software solutions.

Transas operates more than 20 own regional offices and has a global network of partners around the world.

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