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Posted on 18 March 2019

We proudly introduce a special PPU called GyroPilot STS. It is designed to assist Ship-to-Ship and/or Lightering operations by providing situational awareness of the dynamics of both vessels (approaching vessel and main vessel) to the user, who is on-board the approaching vessel.

It is based on our popular PPU, the GyroPilot which interfaces with the ship's Pilot Plug to transmit AIS position while also adding independent Rate-of-Turn (ROT) and smoothing the Heading (HDG) data. 

TheGyroPilot STS is a hybrid version of this sensor. It is plugged into the Pilot Plug of the approaching tanker to obtain feedback on HDG, ROT, COG & SOG of the main vessel or tanker while also reporting the AIS position, HDG, ROT, COG & SOG of the approaching tanker. This data (from both vessels) is then displayed on a customised version of SEAiq on an iPad which is with the pilot on-board the approaching tanker. 

Once SEAiq is placed in docking mode, it will display approach vectors and closing distances from forwards and aft shoulders of the approaching tanker. Thus allowing the pilot to have situational awareness of both, the approaching tanker and the main vessel/tanker, allowing for a more accurate, efficient and safer operation to take place. 

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We have sold 20 GyroPilot STS units to AET Tankers (Houston division) who specialise in Ship to Ship transfers. The GyroPilot STS is now open to inquiries, please click here to write to us.