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Posted on 24 October 2017

GyroPilot v3 is the new version of our popular unit - GyroPilot. In addition to the functional attributes of the existing GyroPilot v2 where it accurately transimits AIS position, adds independent Rate Of Turn and calculates smoothed Heading, the GyroPilot v3 now comes loaded with features.

It is the same form factor as the GyroPilot and but is physically tougher and more robust with the same portability and ease of use. As with all our Portable Pilot Units, it is compatible with most leading piloting software and is quick to set up. 

Other features of the new GyroPilot v3 include - the ability to (wirelessly) link with external devices by adding-on units to expand the configuration and augment the performance of the Portable Pilot system. This allows the user to add-on an independent positioning unit or heading antennae as more independence from the ships data is sought.

It also has on-board pitch and roll sensing to improve gyro calibration for precise ROT data. The smart LED feedback now tells you battery status, communication link status to external device and/or display (laptop/tablet) and the GNSS position quality.

It offers a Portable Pilot solution to those looking for compact, robust and reliable units providing accurate data that doesn't need to be fully independent of the ships information. The systems independence can then be increased with addition of independent positioning or heading sensors.

Visit the GyroPilotv3 page for more information or write to us by clicking here to send in your inquiries.