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Posted on 3 October 2018

Crescent River Port Pilots - The Lower Mississippi River

We recently completed delivery of 105 GyroPilots to the Crescent River Ports Pilots Association. The Crescent River Pilots are a group of 100+ pilots who have been safely navigating ships in and out of one of the busiest rivers in the world - The Mississipi. 

They placed their order with us after a bunch of successful trials in June. We delivered 105 turn-key systems consisting of GyroPilot, Dell Toughbook and the proprietary MRTIS software developed & used Pilots on the Mississippi River - all set-up and ready to go with the flick of the power button! The crescent river pilots have one gigantic task at hand to say the least - safely guiding 250m+ ships in and out of the confined waterways of the Mississippi River. This article tells an amazing story about their job.

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We are very proud to play part in their duties by providing our devices that assist their skills & decision making while improving situational awareness for them.