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Posted on 1 October 2019

We proudly present the ChannelPilot RTK which is a variant of the ChannelPilot MK3. With the CP RTK, users can now get RTK level position accuracy (down to 2.5cm) from our unique single antenna PPU. 

With this introduction, ChannelPilot's accurate, reliable and stable performance is further improved. Which can also result in extending the unit for further applications such as docking and berthing. 

Users will require their ECS to have an NTRIP client and a subscription to a local NTRIP provider. The display unit (laptop/tablet) should have a cellular connection capability. (LTE)

The unit is the same form factor as a ChannelPilot MK3. These have been field-tested and we have received great feedback from the users. 

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