Won’t a PPU make my job more complicated?

Our PPUs are extremely easy to use, and are designed to make your job easier. You get very accurate heading and positioning data right up until you dock. And you can predict the ship’s future position around the swept path of a turn - at intervals you choose, and for as long as you need. This gives you ample time to adjust your course to achieve the smoothest turns.

Isn’t this technology just going to replace me?

No – a pilot will always be needed. PPUs are very useful technology, but should be considered as a navigational ‘aid’ only. They will make your job less stressful, less risky, and your service more efficient.

It will make my services more expensive, won’t it?

Possibly, in the short term, if you are independent and have to purchase your own set.  However a good PPU should last for many years, so you have plenty of time to recover the cost.  If you are in this situation, chances are you work in a competitive environment.  So think of it this way… the increased safety and operating limits you can now offer, will make you more attractive to customers.  It will give you a strong advantage in the marketplace.

And being found liable for an incident because you were not using available safety aids could be very costly indeed.

PPUs are not very reliable, are they?

Yes they are - or should be.  We have PPUs which have been in the field for years without even being returned for service. 

We have a team of dedicated engineers and mariners who are constantly evolving PPU technology to provide pilots, facing many different situations, with unique and highly advanced solutions. 

Reliability and durability may vary between manufacturers, but the right PPU is a safe investment. 

Why shouldn’t I go with a local product?

We think our products are better! Our products will deliver what they promise and we take customer service very seriously.  Quite simply, we believe we can serve you best. 

Where possible, we employ local engineers and agents to support you and your equipment, thus returning some of the income to your community.

I'm not against PPUs, but I'm waiting until they're the size of a cellphone before I buy one.

If all you want is a rough position, you can buy one like that now.  But if you want full navigation and/or docking capability, with excellent accuracy, you will be waiting a long time. 

For a start, you cannot reduce the size of the antenna plate and get highly accurate data.  And if you want your PPU to last the distance, the battery will always have to go somewhere. Thirdly, your PPU is only effective if your tablet or laptop screen is large enough for you to get a clear picture.

Having said that, the size and weight of PPU's are reducing.

What is the best software to use?

Qastor and SEAiq Pilot software has been tried, tested and proven by pilots around the globe, and offer numerous customisable features and easy updates.

Transas Pilot Pro, Rose Point ECS and Orca Pilot G2 are also well reputed and have been specifically tailored to work with our PPUs.

Our PPUs can run with any software that receives NMEA messages and we will happily integrate your current or favoured software with our systems.  We can also integrate our products with software designed for functions such as dynamic under keel clearance.

How do I know your customers are satisfied?

Please read our case studies. We are also happy to put you in touch with customers whose situation is similar to yours.  They will answer your questions openly and honestly.

What if I want a PPU but can’t afford the purchase price?

Talk to us anyway.  We offer several options which may work for you, such as leasing, lease-to-own and second-hand units

I have been told your units do not offer real-time heading. Is this true?

No!  We have heard this too. All our units offer real-time heading through the use of a high-quality integrated gyro - and always have done.

I hear that satellite systems are not being maintained and GPS reliability will degrade in the future. Will that affect my PPU?

There is no truth to this rumour either.  Highly accurate GPS networks are an essential infrastructure in today's world and will always be maintained.  In fact they will get even better with the introduction of the new Galileo and Beidou systems.

Do you offer support for your products post-purchase?

Yes. We offer a variety of support packages for you to choose from. These are created keeping in mind differing needs and budgets. Check out the options here or feel free to contact us