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Bernardo Obando, Harbour Pilot

12.4500° S, 130.8333° E

The situation:  
An experienced pilot looking to enhance situational awareness at all stages of the pilotage act in challenging and busy pilotage districts.

The requirement:  
A professional positioning system that meets the following criteria:

  1. Standalone capability - independent of ships equipment 
  2. Accurate ROT and vessel predictors
  3. AIS capability
  4. Interface with QPS navigational software 
  5. Suitable for passage and docking 
  6. Compact, robust and lightweight 
  7. Minimum set up time
  8. Last but not least, good value for money

The solution: ChannelPilot
ChannelPilot - the perfect system meeting all the above requirements criteria. ChannelPilot is a system somewhere in between a lightweight pilot AIS unit and a more sophisticated (and expensive) full docking system with RTK. Despite its affordable price, there is no compromise on performance.

After trialling various systems and different manufacturers back in 2012, I was impressed by the performance and capabilities of Navicom's ChannelPilot and decided to purchase it straight away as my own navigational tool.     

The result:  
Increased situational awareness at all times.  The reliability and capabilities of this system greatly enhance the foremost and primary piloting methods of looking out of the window, using all available navigation aids and bridge team management techniques. 

The ChannelPilot has become a valuable instrument to support the bridge team; always ready to provide accurate information on positioning, heading, drift, predictors, ROT, distances to berths and lateral approach speeds.  

ChannelPilot is invaluable as a decision support tool when precision is required, or when things may not be going according to plan. 

A very satisfied customer! - Bernardo Obando, Harbour Pilot