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Navicom Dynamics are global leaders in the precision positioning & orientation technologies and monitoring systems market.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Navicom passionately develop world class solutions and products and proudly back them up with an outstanding customer experience.

Navicom’s objective is to ensure safe, efficient and cost-effective operating environments for its customers.

Navicom Dynamics’ products include fully and semi-independent Portable Pilot Units built for differing needs, conditions and users. Each of these sophisticated and compact systems offer the guarantee of exceptional accuracy and reliability for complex, congested and challenging environments.

Navicom Dynamics also develop specialised piloting & navigation systems, customisable docking, mooring and berthing aids as well as bespoke GNSS technology applications for maritime navigation.

Their products used every day by marine, harbour & offshore pilots, mooring masters, port authorities, terminal operators and the offshore oil & gas industry in over 40 countries.

Navicom’s state-of-the-art systems significantly boost work efficiency, enhance safety and facilitate accurate decision making for clients worldwide

Navicom Dynamics also offer a full range of portable ancillary equipment, application software, training and technical support as part of their products & services portfolio.

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Our Vision

To create a fantastic user environment and make it safer and more efficient to manoeuvre and monitor vessels and vehicles by making advanced and reliable hardware and software solutions.